Hey everyone, wanting to give a bit of signal boost to the OWASP NZ day next week.

OWASP NZ day is a free day of information security talks and workshops with some excellent speakers from all across the New Zealand tech and information security communities. OWASP NZ day is being run on the 5th of February at Auckland University in the Auckland CBD area.

Registrations are now open and you can secure a ticket by heading over the to conference page.

OWASP days are a great chance for people in all roles and levels of experience to learn more about a wide range of topics in information security. OWASP is not just a day for devs or security professionals. Project managers, agile coaches, designers, testers and everyone in between can get some value coming along (and asking questions!)

We have an amazing security and tech community in New Zealand who love their craft and love sharing with and teaching others. With a more diverse range of folks in other non security  roles turning up and asking questions it helps infosec people think and reflect about how we might better help work with and secure the people we work with. Its win win. 

If you know someone who is shy or unsure if this is for them, encourage them to come! 

You can review the list of speakers here. Hope to see you there !