Excited be giving my talk at the upcoming Security Bsides Melbourne this year. The topic is helping teams build better threat models and is entitled “What are we worried about?”.

I have been running lots of workshops with product and engineering teams. Context is king, sharing incident and breach analysis from the Verizon DBIR and other sources with these teams so they can better understand the kinda of threats and incident thats actually happen in their industry.

I have also been experimenting with ways I can help teams explore different threat actors / security personas. I have found a way that makes understating attacker motivations, resources and likely behaviour much more accessible and easy to relate to. 

I wrote about it a little here but look forward to running through it at the conference where I can expand in more detail and answer questions.

Altogether when teams are equipped with data on breaches in their industry and have a solid understanding of the threat actors it becomes much easier for them to build realistic threat models.

The conference looks great and I am really looking forward to catching up with people and seeing lots of the other talks.

Hope to see you there!