Just finished participating as a mentor for the New Zealand QA and testing community (Wetest) to do the Ministry of testing 30 days of testing challenge .

The objective of the challenge is to tick off as many of the 30 challenge tasks to learn about and experiment with one testing concept. The team talk online and share their learnings in the community slack at the end of each day. Some participants even blog about their daily discoveries.

The 30 days challenge has many different themes a team can undertake to learn more about including API, mobile and performance testing as examples. I have posted below the suggested challenges

I had over a decade of QA experience before 3 years ago changing over to security in my day job so was asked help the team who had elected to do security as their challenge theme this year along with some penetration testers and policy folk.

Posted below is this year security challenges.


It was an exceptionally fun and rewarding experience for everyone and a very good way to up-skill and learn new things supported by your community and peers.

I was so impressed with the discoveries made by our team I’ve encouraged some of my QA friends to come talk about what they have learned at sone of our meetups and the OWASP day conference next year.

I think while this is something the Ministry of testing runs every year about this time there is nothing stopping anyone from taking these lists and the format to run a challenge at their work.

This could work especially well in engineering teams where developers, ops/SRE and QA are all represented. Why not give this a try in your company in 2019?

Any questions the best place as always is to hit me up on twitter (SparkleOps)