I wanted to share a video of a DevOps Dimension discussion between @Josh_Robb VP of Engineering at Pushpay and @nzthiago from Microsoft about the blameless post-mortems we do as a community of engineers and product people at Pushpay.

This discussion gives a great overview, context and the story behind how and why our post-mortem process came to be.

If you haven't read it already I have written a previous post on understanding a just restorative engineering culture which might help give some additional context.

Thinking about doing blameless post-mortems where you work? Always keen to chat! I'm found on twitter at @SparkleOps

Pushpay are making a disruptive change to how people and organizations exchange money, and their product teams are known for having a great culture. In this episode Thiago Almeida chats with Josh Robb, VP Engineering at Pushpay to discuss their journey and how they implemented a culture of Blameless Postmortems, what it means and its benefits.